Youtube Secrets Course Review - Make Money Without Creating Videos

Youtube Secrets Course Review - Make Big Money With Youtube Without Creating Videos

No video? No problem. No marketing skills? No problem. No website? No problem. Still, you can make big money on Youtube!

Today through this blog post I am going to let you know about the way through which you can start with your Youtube journey and excel in it.

Making money on Youtube is not a big deal, but making big money is. Youtube pays 55% of the money spent by advertisers to its creators i.e. Youtubers. 

Starting with something which you already know...

What is Youtube?

It is a platform for videos where people around the world upload their unique interesting and entertaining videos and show it to the Youtube world. You can join Youtube as a creator or as a viewer. 

To make money on Youtube you must join it as a creator or you can just create your channel. 

How to Make Money With Youtube?

Making money on Youtube is not really tough but all you need is a following and a big community of viewers (to get these is by far the hardest part).

Youtube pays you 55% of the money from the advertisers - the more the ads on your videos the more the money you will make

To make money with Youtube follow these steps
  1. Join Youtube as a creator.
  2. Create videos
  3. Apply for Youtube's Partner Program (after qualifying certain criteria)
  4. Get approved by Adsense
  5. Make money through the ads on your videos.

How You Can Qualify For The Youtube Partner Program?

To get qualified for the program you need to fulfill certain criteria two of the most important ones are

  1. Watch time

    The total watch hours for the successful application of Youtube monetization is minimum 4000hrs.
  2. Subscribers count

    For the successful application of the monetization program of Youtube, the total number of subscribers count should be a minimum of 1000.
When you are beginning with Youtube this is the hardest part to get. As soon as you cross these criteria you will observe skyrocketing growth in your channel.

How To Make Content For Youtube Without Creating Videos?

If you are having a hard time believing this then I would like to tell you, it's possible. You can do it. There is a secret which most people don't know about Youtube there are millions of videos on Youtube which you can use without being banned all that requires is a little knowledge. 

I have found the way for that, you can be a member of Youtube Secrets community so that you can make tens of thousands of dollars on Youtube without creating videos.

What Is Youtube Secrets?

If you will Google the term Youtube Secrets, you will reach a page something like below 

As you can see Amazon ranks first with the link to this book called Youtube Secrets

But I am not here telling you about this book I am showing you the exact way through which you can make $10000+ monthly fast with Youtube.

The cool thing is that it is also called as Youtube Secrets which is a program you can check it here. The program not only tells you the exact way to make money on Youtube but it also shows the exact path through which you can make money without creating videos and without marketing them.

How Is Youtube Secrets Different From Youtube Secrets Book?

Information about the YouTube secrets book is given below

Above are the benefits of getting the Youtube Secrets Book. I want to tell you that if you want to become an influencer on Youtube then go with this book otherwise you can check the Youtube Secrets Course/Membership below as it not only tells you how you can become an influencer but it also tells you how to excel in any niche using Youtube.

This is what is shown in the Youtube Secrets Course/Membership

I have just included 10 of the most important benefits on the provided by the Youtube Secrets course there are many more to it which you can check it right here.

Why You Should Get Youtube Secrets Course/Membership?

YouTube Secrets is not only a course it is the entire Youtube guide for you. It can help you turn your passion into profits and that too with little work.

It will help you receive a check every month that will come out from your YouTube channel.

More benefits of Youtube Secrets

  1. How to get YouTube to advertise your site for FREE.
  2. Getting more subscribers
  3. Thumbnail mastery
  4. Audience retention
  5. Engagement
  6. How to easily ‘spy’ on your competitor’s videos by reverse engineering them
  7. The vital art of creating the right tags
  8. Reverse engineering one of my top ranking videos
  9. Analytics. Why these should never be ignored (and why it’s never too soon to start)
  10. Comments and comment settings (and how they keep you in control and increase your reach and engagement
And much more of the benefits of Youtube Secrets will be realized by you when you will receive your first check from Youtube.

Why You Would Not Get The Youtube Secrets Program/Membership?

Your future choice can change from buying a Hyundai to buying a Lamborghini. The choice you make now can change all the choices you will ever make in your future. 

But why you would not get Youtube Secrets?

  1. Could be pricey for you, but you will make everything back. You can even start with 7days trial here.
  2. Worried about losing money? No, you will not as at Review Dunk we help you know better. Hence, we never recommend a product which we don't trust ourselves. Youtube Secrets is Review Dunk trusted product. If you face any problem or don't make money with Youtube until 60 days they will return your full money back. 
You can start and try Youtube Secrets for 7days first if you don't like it skip it but if you like it and gets the membership but you don't make money in 60days then your full money will be returned (only to our readers)


The choice is always yours either you take it change your life or you skip it and wait for something else to come and change your life. Your life will never change until you change. You have to begin somewhere to reach somewhere. This could be your beginning. Take action now and fast. 

We recommend Youtube Secrets it has changed a lot of life's, the next life that could be changed would be yours. Get it right here as (60days full moneyback guarantee only for you).

"If you are looking for a guarantee you will never be rich"

Take action now! or be mediocre like most are

Comment below and tell me, did you took action?


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