Olymp Trade Review - Scam or Legit?

5 Things To Know Before You Start Trading On Olymp Trade

Trading is a great way, to begin with investing. It is one of the first ways I used to let my money work for me to make more money. But should you trade with Olymp Trade to make your money work for you?

The purpose of this blog post is to guide you through the Olymp Trade platform and help you make your first money with trading.

Here we begin...

1. What Olymp Trade Is All About?

Olymp Trade is a trading platform that helps you trade everything from cryptocurrency to forex. With its wide variety of trading tools and educational lessons, it can help you make more money with little money.

The money you can make on this platform varies from 65% to 90% above the trading amount.

For example: Trading $100 and if you will win the trade the return would be $165 to $190.

That's why Olymp Trade could be your high return investment but don't get too excited 🤩, there is more to it. Remember that it is not a get rich quick scheme, the risk is involved. There would be chances when you will lose trade but not giving up is an #1 skill of an entrepreneur.

If you have that courage (which I certainly know YOU HAVE, because the bigger the risk the greater will be the reward), take the risk jump into the world of trading with Olymp Trade now.

2. Can Olymp Trade Make You Rich?

No, it will not make you rich if you wish to become rich tomorrow but if you wish to become rich in the next six months then it will help you certainly with its FREE training videos.

Yes, you heard it right, Olymp Trade is the only trading platform with step by step tutorials created to make you successful in your trading journey.

Start a $1 trade now on your favorite asset.

3. Olymp Trade Scam or Legit?

Before declaring anything about Olymp Trade lets try to see what others are saying to about it...

Here is what www.binary-options-review.com says about Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade is interesting for beginners and advanced traders. In conclusion, it is a very reliable broker for Digital Options and Forex TradingThe company provides a very good service since 2014. I tested the platform in detail to provide you good feedback. I have to mention the platform gives you the best execution for trades and you can customize it as you want.
Here is what xBinOp has to say about Olymp Trade
As a leading investing platform online, Olymp Trade is considered an A-recognized member of international Financial Commission, an organization that secures the interests of investors. Since the trading platform is a member of this organization, unlawful acts are covered up to $20,000, which is sourced from the Compensation Fund.
Here is what I found on the financial commission organization website about Olymp Trade 


Approved Trading Technology Certificate
Membership Certification
With these certificates and membership, I can declare Olymp Trade as 100% legit.

But if you feel anything is shady about Olymp Trade you can complain about that here.

4. How To Use Olymp Trade?

Using and making money on Olymp Trade is so simple that even a child can do it (but only if you are lucky) trading needs analysis of charts and market you cannot get with guesswork as it is dangerous as the saying.
Bulls make money bears make money but pigs gets slaughtered everytime.
Do not use guess to make money, that way you will lose more money (saying from personal experiences). If you are worried about how to use it here is how

Steps to Trade With a FREE Demo Account

  1. Login or create your Olymp Trade account

  2. As soon as you complete the registration your account will look something like this

    Add caption

    The demo account would come with 10,000 demo points which you can use to practice trading on Olymp Trade.

    Don't worry if you lose all your demo points it will automatically reset to 10,000.
  3. Learn to trade from Olymp Trade

    If you are a complete beginner and have heard the term trading for the first time don't worry as soon as you log in to Olymp trade you will get FREE courses and lessons through which you can learn and earn.

    Click the question mark button on the top and you will find a term called Video Tutorials which is curated just to help you trade better.

  4. Chose your Asset and upwards or downwards

    As soon as you are ready after deciding your choice of trade you are good to go to lock in your first trade.

    Now is the time for you to lock either an upward trend or a downward trend.
    - Select your time from 1min to 24hours

    - Select the amount of money you want to trade between $1 to $2000 (for the standard members). VIP members in Olymp Trade can trade between $1 to $5000.

    - Press the GREEN button for an UPWARD trend, press the RED button for a DOWNWARD trend.

    - Collect the profits if your predictions are right (will be automatically deposited
Go ahead and lock your first trade it's FREE and FUN.

5. All You Need Is Tools

The best thing part about using Olymp Trade is the wide range of indicators that come with it for FREE and each of that indicator comes with tutorials and lessons so that you can learn to earn,

From a simple sentiment tool to a complicated RSI, Olymp Trade offers them all.

Here is a list of trend indicator tools offered in Olymp Trade

- Parabolic SAR
- Sentiment
- Bollinger Bands
- Ichimoku Cloud
- Zig-Zag
- Average Directional Index
- Alligator

Here is the list of Oscillator Tools available in Olymp Trade

- Stochastic
- Bulls Power
- DeMarker
- Bears Power
- Bulls Power
- Gator
- Williams %R
- Momentum
- Detrended Price Oscillator
- Awesome Oscillator
- Rate Of Change
- Aroon

Not just these tools and indicators they also offer a wide range of charts including the most popular one the Japanese Candlesticks.

With all these things they also run webinars on a usual basis to make sure you earn more.

Go get your FREE trading account Now


Olymp Trade is a 100% legit software with the motive of helping you earn and excel in trading. You can start trading with Olymp Trade from $1.

They offer 24/7 support to help you and grow you.

Achieve in Trading Everyday - Login Now to Olymp Trade